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Sen. Folmer Supports Senate Republican Farming First Initiatives

May 09, 2019
Sen. Mike Folmer (R – Lebanon, Dauphin, York) was happy to support the PA Senate Republican Farming First legislative package passed by the Senate this week to help Pennsylvania’s 59,000 farm families, who are the stewards of more than 7.7 million acres of farmland.    [Read More]

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Meeting to consider SB 412, SB 413, SB 538, SB 617, HB 223 and HB 227

May 03, 2019
Senate State Government Committee | May 7, 2019 | 12 noon | East Wing, Hearing Room 8E-A |     [Read More]

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Spotted Lanternfly Information Session

April 04, 2019
Information session on the Spotted Lanternfly, hosted by Senator Folmer and held at the Myerstown Community Center.     [Read More]

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Public hearing to discuss Senate Bill 48 (Voting Machine Decertification and Replacement)

March 22, 2019
Senate State Government Committee | March 26, 2019 | East Wing, Hearing Room 8E-A |     [Read More]

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Meeting to consider SB 372, HB 18, and Nominee

March 15, 2019
Senate State Government Committee | March 19, 2019 | Hearing Room One, North Office Building |     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: General Services

February 25, 2019
Senator Folmer asked DGS Secretary Topper about contracts, bidding and the purchase of voting machines during the Department of General Services budget hearing.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Department of State

February 20, 2019
Senator Folmer questioned Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar about the Administration’s mandate that counties replace voting machines, reimbursement to counties, and the makeup of the group advising the department on the issue.     [Read More]

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Response to Governor’s Budget Address

February 05, 2019
Senator Mike Folmer offers remarks following the Governor’s budget address to a joint session of the General Assembly.     [Read More]

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Senator Folmer Discusses Election Reforms

January 29, 2019
I’m pleased to join with Senate colleagues to propose bipartisan election changes – beginning with three constitutional amendments:  absentee ballots, poll workers, and judicial retention elections. Listen   [Read More]

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Meeting to consider SB 9, SB 26 and SB 130

January 28, 2019
Senate State Government Committee | Tuesday | January 29, 2019 | 10:45 a.m. | East Wing, Hearing Room 8E-B     [Read More]