Monthly Television Shows

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September 2016 Television Show

September 06, 2016
Senator Folmer visits Paramount Sports Complex in Annville, Lebanon County, which has gymnastics and fitness centers, a climbing wall, pre-school, and more, and also features a Ninja Warrior Training Course offering obstacles based upon NBC's American Ninja Warrior.     [Read More]

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Spring TV Program

May 10, 2016
April 17, 2016 marked the historic signing of Senate Bill 3, the Medical Marijuana Act, and is the focus of this month's Community Report with Senator Mike Folmer.     [Read More]

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March 2016 Television Show

March 04, 2016
This month Senator Folmer takes us on a behind the scenes tour of the treasures within the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, including a rare trip to the top of the dome.     [Read More]

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February 2016 Television Show

February 01, 2016
February is American Heart Month, so Senator Mike Folmer takes us to Lebanon YMCA for a Heart Healthy Soup demonstration with WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital Executive Chef Trevor Sipe.     [Read More]

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December 2015 Television Show

December 09, 2015
  Senator Folmer visits the East Central Division of the American Cancer Society in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.   [Read More]

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June 2015 Television Show

June 09, 2015
Senator Folmer tours Lebanon Valley College's new Physical Therapy Clinic in Annville. The PT and Rehab Center opens to the public June 15th.   [Read More]

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May 2015 Television Show

May 05, 2015
This month on "Community Report with Senator Mike Folmer," we'll have highlights from a recent town hall meeting at Lebanon Valley College on Senate Bill 3 which calls for the legalization of Medical Cannabis in the Commonwealth.   [Read More]

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March/April 2015 Television Show

March 18, 2015
This month on Community Report with Senator Folmer we showcase Lebanon Community Theatre, an anchor in the community for more than a half a century.   [Read More]

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February Television Show

January 27, 2015
Senator Folmer experiences the 99th Pennsylvania Farm Show through the VIP Showmanship Contest with Heilinger Farms, the Celebrity Hitching Contest, and the Campaign for Compassion booth in support of Medical Cannabis.   [Read More]

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January Television Show

January 06, 2015
Senator Folmer receives a behind the scenes tour of Harrisburg International Airport, which has been serving Central Pennsylvania for over 100 years.   [Read More]