Senator Folmer has had numerous legislation signed into law, including:

Act 71 of 2018 – modernizes the state’s Civil Service Commission

Act 13 of 2017 – reforms civil asset forfeiture

Act 150 of 2016 amends the Local Tax Enabling Act to simplify taxpayers’ filing requirements.

Act 16 of 2016 allows the use of  medical cannabis in Pennsylvania for certain medical conditions.

Act 15 of 2016 requires Independent Fiscal Office analyses of state collective bargaining agreements.

Act 90 of 2015 requires “Paid for with Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars” on Commonwealth advertisements.

2015-2016 Senate Republican Accomplishments

Act 119 of 2014 eliminates the requirement of a Senator’s signature on notary applications.

Act 67 of 2014 simplifies the process for a “college” to become a “university.”

Act 10 of 2014 simplifies certification requirements for teaching JROTC.

Act 22 of 2013 eliminates unnecessary annual reports filed with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

Act 191 of 2012 streamlines procedures for collocation of wireless communications facilities and wireless support structures.

Act 121 of 2012 promotes the electronic sharing of health records and other patient information.

Act 69 of 2012 provides private colleges and universities flexibility in expanding programs and degrees without state approval.

Act 38 of 2012 exempts Pennsylvania with compliance of the Federal REAL ID Act.

Act 7 of 2012 eliminates elected assessors in Townships of the First Class.

Act 3 of 2012 (Folmer companion Senate Bill 156) requires vehicle drivers who pass a bicycle to pass to the left or to pass at a distance of not less than four feet.

School Code Bill of 2011 (language of Senate Bill 933) requires the Department of Education to submit an annual report to the General Assembly regarding contracts with the state’s 29 Intermediate Units.

Act 92 of 2011 increases the bid limit thresholds under the various local government codes.

Act 125 of 2010 establishes agriculture bioterrorism penalties and procedures.

Act 89 of 2010 clarifies powers and duties of police officers employed at state military institutions.

Act 127 of 2008 strengthens the child custody rights for military personnel deployed overseas.

Act 76 of 2007 establishes rights for foster children and foster parents.