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Week of July 2, 2018

Bills Pass Senate, Go to House for Further Consideration

All bills passed unanimously unless otherwise noted.

Senate Bill 595 – my legislation authorizing the electronic notarization of documents;

Senate Bill 735 – provides for county demolition and rehabilitation funds;

Senate Bill 1047 – terminates the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority;

Senate Bill 1095 – provides alternatives to Keystone Exams;

House Bill 126 – allows facilities to have non-patient specific epinephrine auto-injectors for emergencies;

Senate Bill 172 – (44-4) establishes a PennDOT pilot program for speed cameras in certain active work zones.

Bills Pass Senate, Go to the Governor for Further Action

All bills passed unanimously unless otherwise noted.

Senate Bill 431 – increases littering fines;

Senate Bill 530 – updates licensure requirements and scope of practice for clinical social work;

Senate Bill 564 – requires PennDOT install protective fencing for new bridge construction and major bridge renovations over Interstates;

Senate Bill 1101 – reduces the need to obtain a recovered theft vehicle title;

House Bill 159 – clarifies juvenile summary offense sentences;

House Bill 863 – updates the Real Estate Licensing Law;

House Bill 994 – clarifies the gross receipts tax for telephone, telegraph and mobile telecommunications companies;

House Bill 1124 – creates the offense of abuse of a care-dependent person;

House Bill 1419 – Clean Slate legislation to allow those with low-level, nonviolent criminal records to seal their records if crime-free for 10 years;

House Bill 1738 – allows non-municipal Act 120 police officers the same jurisdictional flexibility as “municipal police officers”;

House Bill 1782 – (41-8) provides for alternative ratemaking for electric and natural gas distribution companies.

Bills Signed into Law by the Governor

Act No. 39 – House Bill 1448 – the School Code;

Act No. 40 – House Bill 1677 – the Welfare Code;

Act No. 42 – House Bill 1929 – the Fiscal Code;

Act No. 43 – House Bill 2477 – amends Chapter 20 of the Medical Cannabis Act to clarify clinical research;

Act No. 44 – Senate Bill 1142 – establishes the Safe2Say Program for anonymous reporting of potential school threats;

Act No. 45 – House Bill 2468 – limits eminent domain by government agencies on land set aside with a conservation easement for parks and open spaces;

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Appropriations:

Act No. 1A – House Bill 2121 – the $32.7 Billion state budget which holds spending, increases funding for education and school safety initiatives, includes no new taxes and is only 1.7% over the current year’s spending, falling below the rate of inflation and within the limits prescribed in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights;

Act No. 2A – House Bill 2078 – $49,723,000 to the Department of State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and State Athletic Commission;

Act No. 3A – House Bill 2079 – $71,215,000 to the Department of Labor & Industry for the Workers’ Compensation Act and PA Occupational Disease Act and $275,000 to the Office of Small Business Advocate in the Department of Community and Economic Development;

Act No. 4A – House Bill 2080 – $1,855,000 to the Office of Small Business Advocate in the Department of Community and Economic Development;

Act No. 5A – House Bill 2081 – $5,850,000 to the Office of Consumer Advocate in the Office of Attorney General;

Act No. 6A – House Bill 2082 – $56,587,000 to the Public School Employees’ Retirement Board;

Act No. 7A – House Bill 2083 – $35,667,000 to the State Employees’ Retirement Board;

Act No. 8A – House Bill 2084 – $3,135,000 to the Philadelphia Parking Authority;

Act No. 9A – House Bill 2085 – $74,185,000 (state funds) and $6,067,000 (federal funds) to the Public Utility Commission, including $3,977,000 for natural gas pipeline safety and $2,090,000 for motor carrier safety;

Act No. 10A – House Bill 2086 – $1,340,000 to the Office of Attorney General, $10,582,000 to the Department of Revenue, $29,115,000 to the PA State Police, and $48,553,000 to the PA Gaming Control Board;

Act No. 11A – House Bill 2242 – $260,085,000 to the Pennsylvania State University;

Act No. 12A – House Bill 2243 – $151,382,000 to the University of Pittsburgh;

Act No. 13A – House Bill 2244 – $155,104,000 to Temple University;

Act No. 14A – House Bill 2245 – $14,869,000 to Lincoln University;

Act No. 15A – House Bill 2246 – $31,328,000 to the University of Pennsylvania.

Executive Nominations Unanimously Confirmed by the Senate

PA Council on Aging – George R. Gunn, Jr., Lansdale

State Board of Dentistry – Joel S. Jaspan, Lafayette Hill

Board of Finance and Revenue – Paul J. Gitnik, Pittsburgh

State Planning Board – David W. Feldman, Merion Station

Meet my Summer Intern, Ana-Sofia Puig

Ana Sofia-Puig is working in my Harrisburg office this summer as an intern.  She is from Mechanicsburg and the daughter of Ana Meyers and Alex Puig. Ana is entering her sophomore year at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is a dual major in political science and psychology with a certificate in public and professional writing.  Watch my introduction of Ana on the Senate Floor here.

Constituent Highlight: Karen Brown and “Celebrate Nate”

Karen Brown, a constituent of Middletown, has been doing meaningful work in our community through “Celebrate Nate”, collaborating with organizations such as Dauphin County Drug and Alcohol, local work release centers and recovery houses.  Karen lost her son Nate to addiction nearly five years ago and has since been honoring his memory in a wonderful way through her work, giving individuals struggling with addiction hope for overcoming and succeeding with her kindness.

Luciano De Crescenzo once said, “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing each other.” The work Karen does, embraces she gives, the love she has – all in memory of Nate – helps others fly and succeed, having a positive ripple effect. She has directly helped approximately 20 individuals but the services provided to them has had an indirect uplifting impact on many – families, friends and others struggling with addiction who can now see hope that they can overcome hardships and also turn their lives around. Thank you Karen – people like you are who make our communities strong and I’m thankful you are part of the 48th Senatorial District.

June/July Cable Show: Lebanon County Breweries

My latest Community Report cable show features several Lebanon County breweries, including Mount Gretna Craft Brewery, Rotunda Brewing Company & Batdorf Restaurant, and Snitz Creek Brewery. This show features talented entrepreneurs who have built their small businesses into amazing success stories! You can watch below, and Comcast on Demand and WHBG TV20 should also be airing through June and July!

June 2018 - Lebanon County Breweries

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