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Welcome to "Mike's Memo," an update on what's happening in the 48th Legislative District, the State Capitol, and the progress of my legislative priorities. If you haven't done so already, please take a few moments to visit my website at to learn more about issues that may affect you and your family.

Week of August 3, 2015

Statewide School Property Tax Survey for Pennsylvania: Elimination vs. Reduction
Comments from Residents of Lebanon, Dauphin and York Counties
A survey was conducted between April 18, 2015 and July 22, 2015 to determine what Pennsylvania residents want in regards to property tax reform. As a strong advocate and a prime sponsor of Senate Bill 76, I was pleased to see out of the 1,776 responses, 1,465 support the Property Tax Independence Act (SB 76) and total property tax elimination, while only 90 support Governor Wolf’s reduction plan. The following are comments from residents of Lebanon, Dauphin and York Counties:

“We need to eliminate this unfair tax. I know of many older people that are on fixed incomes that are struggling to stay in their homes because of the high school taxes. This should not be a burden on people who worked all their life to own their home. Personally, I will move from Pennsylvania before I retire because of this issue. My mortgage now is the smaller of the expenses for my house. Real Estate taxes are higher than my mortgage and this should not be.”
Resident of York County (17403)

“School property tax must be eliminated, not just a temporary reduction and then allowed to rise again. No tax should have the power to leave you homeless.”
Resident of Myerstown, Lebanon County (17067)

“Our property taxes are so high that we feel like we might need to sell our house. My husband built the house, so it would be heartbreaking for us to sell it.”
Resident of Middletown, Dauphin County (17057)

“Elimination is the only answer to this problem of the School Taxes which have been out of control for too long.”
Resident of Manchester, York County (17345)

“Relief won’t help. It will just be increased in the future and I will still be paying higher income and sales taxes.”
Resident of Fredericksburg, Lebanon County (17026)

“…It’s time to give relief in the form of property tax elimination and restructuring a truly fair tax structure. If I pay off my home, I shouldn’t have to then pay rent to an administration that can’t balance their own budget just to continue to live there. Our tax laws are tyrannical and are breaking the common man.”
Resident of Lebanon County (17042)

Pennsylvania Milk Production Reaches 10.8 Billion Pounds
The Center for Dairy Excellence was established in 2005 and set a goal of restoring the Commonwealth’s annual milk production to 10.8 Billion pounds. According to their latest update on Pennsylvania’s Dairy Industry this week, as of May 2015, the 7,370 dairy farm families in Pennsylvania have achieved that goal. In the last 12 months, Pennsylvania has increased total milk production by about 3 Million pounds, which has resulted in approximately $51 Million more in on-farm revenue and $1.2 Billion in economic revenue for the Commonwealth. Overall, the dairy industry in Pennsylvania accounts for about 35 percent of the agriculture industry, and more than 60,000 jobs are supported by the state’s dairy industry. To learn more, click here.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania JobGateway
The Commonwealth has a revamped website to connect employers with potential employees free of charge. JobGateway averages approximately 200,000 job openings at any given time with about 3,500 new jobs posted each day.

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