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Welcome to "Mike's Memo," an update on what's happening in the 48th Legislative District, the State Capitol, and the progress of my legislative priorities. If you haven't done so already, please take a few moments to visit my website at to learn more about issues that may affect you and your family.

Week of December 14, 2015

Please note: All bill updates are as of noon on Thursday, December 10 in order for Mike’s Memo to be circulated at its usual time. Next week’s edition of Mike’s Memo will have bill activity that took place after noon on Thursday, December 10.

Bills Pass Senate, Go to House
All bills passed unanimously unless otherwise noted.
Senate Bill 604 – allows broader allocation of Lake Erie fishing permit proceeds;
Senate Bill 891 – waives PA Turnpike tolls for escorts and funeral processions of emergency personnel, police officers or armed service members killed in the line of duty;
Senate Bill 986 – extends Good Samaritan civil liability for efforts to save a child in a locked vehicle from heatstroke-related death or serious injury;
Senate Bill 1071 – (30-20) pension system changes (see Fiscal Note for further details);
Senate Bill 1073 – (43-7) Fiscal Year 2015-16 State Budget (I was not able to support this due to uncertainty of how it will be funded);
Senate Bill 1082 – (38-12) pension system changes (see Fiscal Note for further details – I supported this measure because each day nothing is done to address the financial problems of the public pension systems, liabilities grow by $10 Million a day and approximately $3 Billion each year. With current pension debts over $60 Billion and growing, I do not believe the systems are sustainable and could collapse, which would endanger current retirees and employees, and future employees as well.);
House Bill 857 – reauthorizes the PA Children’s Health Insurance Program;
House Bill 907 – establishes posting requirements under the Real Estate Tax Sale Law;
House Bill 1195 – clarifies Act 89 transportation issues regarding Recreational Vehicle Financing;
House Bill 1322 – (47-3) proposed Public Welfare Code for 2015-16 (I was not able to support this measure because I do not believe enough is being done to address welfare fraud and abuse);
House Bill 1735 and House Bill 1736 – clarifies definitions in the Tobacco Product Manufacturer Directory Act and the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Act.

Bills Pass Senate, Go to Governor for Further Action
All bills passed unanimously.
Senate Bill 442 - my Taxpayer Funded Advertising Transparency Act requires Commonwealth agencies (executive, legislative and judicial branches) to note whenever tax moneys are used for advertising: "Paid for with Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars";
Senate Bill 524 – requires providers and law enforcement to receive training and education on FDA-approved medications to help prevent relapses related to opioid dependence while also providing access to these medications;
House Bill 909 – provides for the collection of additional costs related to rehabilitation and maintenance under the Real Estate Tax Sale Law;
House Bill 1161 – allows vehicle salespersons to sell at multiple dealerships with a common ownership.

Senate Resolutions Adopted
Both Resolutions were unanimously adopted.
Senate Resolution 238 – directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study on the use of unmanned drones by law enforcement, state and local agencies;
Senate Resolution 256 – adopts rules of procedure governing the due process procedures to be used for consideration of the removal of the Attorney General in accordance with Article VI, Section 7 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Bills Signed into Law by the Governor
Senate Bill 130 – Act 72 – prohibits defendants sentenced to community service from purchasing credit towards that service;
Senate Bill 685 – Act 73 and Senate Bill 686 – Act 74 – allows out-of-state athletic team physicians to treat athletes without the need for a Pennsylvania medical license.

Rebecca Foxwell Named the 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to Rebecca Foxwell, first grade teacher at Lickdale Elementary, Northern Lebanon School District, for being name the 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year!

American Cancer Society Cable Show
My most recent cable show features the wonderful services of the American Cancer Society (ACS), including Hope Lodge, Road to Recovery, Look Good Feel Better, Relay for Life, and more. Unfortunately, almost everybody knows someone that has battled cancer. The ACS staff and volunteers are there to help patients and families throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Relay for Life of Lebanon County Volunteer Event Lead, Donna Schaeffer, and Community Manager, Yalonda Rice.

You can watch the show here, or on my website. Comcast on Demand (Lebanon), Harrisburg Broadcast Network (Harrisburg, WHBG-20), and Blue Ridge Communications (York, Channel 8) should also be airing the show.

Preliminary Statewide Bear Harvest Results
The PA Game Commission reports the statewide bear season harvest total is 2,963, harvested in 54 counties. The top 10 bears are estimated to have live weights of over 618 pounds. The heaviest weighed in at 713 pounds.

Contact Information
Please feel free to contact me at any time on state-related issues that are of concern to you. I may be reached through my website or my Lebanon or Harrisburg offices.

When contacting my office by e-mail, mail, or telephone, please be sure to share your e-mail, telephone number, and address so that we can follow up with you in a timely manner. Many inquiries can be handled with a phone call or email.

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