Promise to Pennsylvania


The “Promise to Pennsylvania” is the cornerstone of Senator Folmer’s agenda and focuses on three areas of reform:

  • Legislative and Political Reform
  • Taxation and Spending Reform
  • Legal and Labor Reform

Initiatives of the Pledge include:

Senate Bill 7, Taxpayer Protection Act
Requires increased fiscal accountability in state budgets by limiting any future increase to the combination of inflation plus the percentage change in population growth; returning 75 percent of all state surpluses directly to the taxpayers through an offsetting reduction in the Personal Income Tax; and requiring 25 percent of surpluses to be deposited in the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

Senate Bill 195, Voters’ Choice Act
Eliminate unfair hurdles obstructing ballot access for minor party and independent candidates by allowing them to collect the same number of signatures as is required of major party candidates in order to appear on the general election ballot.

Senate Bill 279, Taxpayer-Funded Advertising Transparency Act
Requires all advertising by state government to include the statement “Paid for with Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.”

Senate Bill 322, Tax Me More Fund
Allows individuals to make voluntary financial contributions to the State Treasury.

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