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March 2013 – Property Tax Independence Act Newsletter

July 8, 2013: Op-Ed: No Tax Should Have the Power to Leave You Homeless

Property Tax Independence Act Bill Summary

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Independent Fiscal Office Analysis of SB 1400 and HB 1776 of 2012

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SB76 Reintro Mensch Folmer Argall Rafferty

Left to Right: Senator Mensch (R-24), me, Senator Argall (R-29) and Senator Rafferty (R-44).

SB76 Reintro Supporters

Proud cosponsors of Senate Bill 76, the Property Tax Independence Act. Left to Right: Senator Bartolotta (R-46), Senator McGarrigle (R-26), Senator Schwank (D-11), Senator Mensch (R-24), Senator Argall (R-29), me, Senator Boscola (D-18), Senator Scavello (R-40), Senator Wagner (R-28), Senator Yudichak (D-14), Senator Wozniak (D-35) and Senator Stefano (R-32).