With literally everyone posting all sorts of information on social media we have all come to the complexity of choosing credible information that is good. There are many types of information out there regarding skincare and everything that can be good for it. But you do not have to believe everything off the internet. For example, that tik tok video with the girl removing her blackheads with glue is just nonsense and will rip out your skin from the area.


In this article, we have listed all the fake news about skincare that is bad for you and must be avoided at all costs. And after this read, you will know to do better research next time you’re reading some material off the internet.

Skincare routine to avoid completely:

The scrub is not for skin with pimples. 

While exfoliation is great and a must in a healthy skincare routine. You need to avoid it if you are suffering from acne, and you need to steer clear of it. Maybe not do it as often as normally do. Acne if treated badly can leave scars that do not come off that easily. You need to be gentle with the skin, especially if you suffer from acne. 

Rubbing a lemon on the skin? Not a great idea.

It is a common belief that lemons are good for their acidic citric effect. The reality is very different. Our skin is at a neutral state on the PH scale, and too much acid can potentially harm it. Lemons are highly acidic that should be neutralized with other ingredients like honey before being applied to the skin. 

Moisturizing with coconut oil? Nope.

Coconut oil blocks out the pores and can lead to excessive acne, try to avoid it as much as you possibly can because it’s not that good for the facial skin. It’s amazing for the hair though, use it there. Just leave out the face.


When you are putting things on your facial skin, you need to research well because not every product can be good, no matter how organic.