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A Productive Session

July 15, 2016

While there are still a few remaining days in the 2015–2016 Legislative Session, I’m pleased with the progress on a number of my legislative initiatives.[...Read More]

Reforms Through the Courts

July 6, 2016

One of the first reforms I introduced to advance my “Promise to Pennsylvania” was my “Voters’ Choice Act” to eliminate unfair hurdles to ballot access for minor party and independent candidates.[...Read More]

SB 413, SB 1313, SR 394

June 24, 2016

Senate State Government Committee - June 28, 2016[...Read More]

The Difficulties of Eliminating School Property Taxes

June 24, 2016

Several advocates for the elimination of school property taxes have asked us where efforts to rid taxpayers of this hated tax currently stand.[...Read More]

Standing with Taxpayers

June 14, 2016

Consider the many federal, state, county, and municipal taxes and fees we pay, which include: taxes on amusements, capital gains, cigarettes, corporations, earned income, services, estates, gas, liquor, sales, per capita, personal income, personal property, property, realty transfers, Social Security, telephone calls, utilities, and unemployment.[...Read More]