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Property Tax Independence Act.

November 24, 2015


Senator Folmer speaks in support of the Property Tax Independence Act.[...Read More]

Senate Resolution 248

November 20, 2015

Senate State Government Committee - November 23, 2015[...Read More]

Half the Story

November 16, 2015

During the ongoing budget impasse, most of the attention has been devoted to talk about increasing taxes. To me, this is just half the story as we need to find better ways to force government to live within its means.[...Read More]

SB 952, SB 1022, SB 1054, SB 1068, SB 1052, SR 215, SR 238

November 13, 2015

Senate State Government Committee - November 17, 2015[...Read More]

Budget Impasse Update

October 28, 2015

Senator Folmer talks about an effort by Senate Republicans to override Governor Wolf’s veto of an emergency budget passed last month by the General Assembly.

[...Read More]

Numbers Tell A Story

October 22, 2015

There have been some interesting arguments against my Senate Bill 869 and its goal of protecting people from losing their properties when they haven’t been charged or convicted of a crime.[...Read More]