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Twist your damp hair for heat-free waves

Beauty tips

Do you like to have pretty wavy hair but don’t want to put it through the test of heated appliances too often? That’s to your credit. Try twisting instead: when you let your hair air-dry, twist it around your fingers while it’s still damp. Do 4 or 5 twists on each side of your head and secure them in a large clip. Once your hair is completely dry, crumple it up with your fingers and lacquer for a better hold.


Top rumours about skincare debunked for good.

Top rumours about skincare debunked for good.

With literally everyone posting all sorts of information on social media we have all come to the complexity of choosing credible information that is good. There are many types of information out there regarding skincare and everything that can be good for it. But you...

The top fashion advice that will save you more than once 

The top fashion advice that will save you more than once 

Fashion trends and styles consistently change as time goes by. However, every fashion-lover must know some basic principles for styling outfits, taking care of the fabrics, and minimizing the need for excess clothes.  This article suggests the top advice to help...

Incredible Beauty DIY’s To Try At Home 

Incredible Beauty DIY’s To Try At Home 

Whether you are sick of spending hundreds of dollars at the beauty supply markets or are looking to try out something new, beauty DIYs are your new best friend. Several things can be custom to your liking in the comfort of your home. So? Why not give these beauty...

Eating well


The first tip is to drink lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach. This food has many benefits for our body. We also advise you to eat a piece of fruit on an empty stomach. One hour before the meal, so that we fill our small hunger and we make ourselves good. Moreover for the meal, it is necessary to think of a double face plate. One half green, with vegetables, and the other half we think of the meat or starchy foods. Thus always for the meal, one privileges pasta at midday and meat in the evening. 

Record your fixed expenses


Physical expenses are those that pay us every month, such as rent, electricity, internet, etc. We emphasize that you must also include in this list the taxes you pay throughout the year. Having a record of fixed expenses is important to know how much of your family income you will have at the end of the month to invest, save or even spend on leisure activities. If you are an entrepreneur, you also need to keep track of your business fixed expenses, such as rent and production expenses.

Visualize a complete look


If you want to fix the problems in your closet once and for all, you need to stop choosing individual clothes and start visualizing complete outfits, including accessories. Before you buy something, ask yourself what you are going to wear it with. If you have three or four possible look variations in your head, then it’s worth it, so you can buy it.